Most of the questions below were answered on my website, but I understand that you are busy or couldn’t read all the information, so I will answer the questions that most of my investors have.

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Which Time-Frames do you use? We use only two Time-Frames:

  • 5M and 4H for short-term trading
  • 4H and 1W for long-term trading
Which Indicators do you use? We use three Indicators:

  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Stop-and-Reverse (SAR)
How big is the Draw-Down (Risk Management)? Not more than 25% on the whole account, but usually less than 10-25%.
How big is the Initial Capital? From $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the broker.
Do you trade manually? We trade both manually and using an EA, but mostly we use an Automated System.
What can be the maximum spread? The maximum spread is up to 4-5 pips.
Which brokers do you use? We use a few Preferred brokers, the best ones for us and clients, but we can add a few more, especially those with MAM or PAMM accounts. Click here for details.
Can I use my own broker? We prefer to use our brokers from the list, but in some cases depending on the initial deposit or other factors we might make exceptions and use your broker. Please contact us for the details.
Can you withdraw the money from my account? No, we cannot withdraw the money from your account no matter if we have your trading password or not. Brokers will never allow to withdraw money from an account by a third party, especially to a bank account, credit card, PayPal, etc. which is not under same person’s name. So you don’t need to worry about that.
Can I watch the trades on my account? On PAMM accounts you will be able to watch the results using PAMM Monitoring feature. On MAM accounts which are traded individually you will be able to watch the trades on your MT4 platform in real-time.
If I first deposit $2,500 and then my capital grows to $10,000, will the profit share be different? Yes, if your account reaches a higher level of deposit, e.g. $10,000, $25,000, etc. (after deduction of our profit share), then from that moment on you will get a more favorable profit share for yourself.